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Patient, Family, Community Engagement

The engagement of patients, families and caregivers (PFCs) through the sharing of their lived-experiences and stories and active participation is critical in the co-design of the new Sarnia-Lambton Ontario Health Team healthcare delivery system.

Our Guiding Principles

Our philosophy of “not about me, without me” grounds everything we do. Our key principles are:
1. Future planning will support a holistic approach to the health system
2. Committees will include the voice of patients, families, and caregivers
3. Transparency builds trust
4. Integrity and truth in planning is central
5. Focus on equity
6. The health team will build a community of constant learning and improvement

Activities will Include…

  • Ensure that patients, families and caregivers are included and participate as partners in experience-based co-design of the new system and processes through membership on working groups, project teams and leadership councils
  • Design processes and expand the regional “pool” of PFC resources to reflect the diversity and ensure equity of the key voices of all communities including those of at-risk, marginalized and often less represented are heard and involved
  • Develop strategic framework for PFC engagement together with supporting resources, orientation, education and training materials to facilitate PFC recruitment and ensure they have the tools and support needed to effectively engage as true partners in co-design
  • Develop and deliver education modules, training materials and other supports required for partner organizations and their employees to support an environment where the contributions of PFCs are valued as equals
  • Explore and implement new tools and innovative techniques to optimize, facilitate and enable the participation of all PFC volunteers who have something to contribute and wish to be involved in the future work of our OHT
  • Develop a set of performance/experience measures & measurement processes to evaluate the impact of health care system improvements from the perspective of patients, their families and essential caregivers

Patient, Family & Care Partner Partnership and Engagement Strategy

This document describes the framework of the Partnership and Engagement Strategy for patient, family and care partners (PFC) within the Sarnia-Lambton Ontario Health Team (SL-OHT). It provides the foundation to guide the development and attainment of our strategic goal to embed effective patient engagement across multiple levels of the healthcare system.

SLOHT PFC Engagement Strategy