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Sarnia-Lambton OHT BPSO Modules

As a Best Practice Spotlight Organization, the Sarnia-Lambton OHT is encouraging all partner organization staff to become BPSO Champions and complete the BPSO OHT online modules. 

BPSO Champions

BPSO Champions play a lead role in the implementation of Best Practice Guidelines (BPGs) within organizations by raising awareness of BPGs, support understanding, and influence their uptake among workplace peers.

Becoming an RNAO Best Practice Champion is a straightforward process with two virtual options for you to choose from (Champions Blended Learning Series & Champions eLearn Course). Click here to register.

Best Practice Guidelines

RNAO has more than 50 BPGs covering nine categories: children and youth; clinical; equity, diversity and inclusion; foundational; health system; healthy work environment; mental health and substance use; older adults; and population health.

To view the Best Practice Guidelines visit Best practice guidelines |

BPSO Steering Committee

The BPSO Steering Committee plays a vital role in implementing Best Practice Guidelines (BPGs) in the Sarnia-Lambton OHT and partner organizations. 


The role of the BPSO S-L OHT Steering Committee is to provide leadership for communication, planning and implementation of the RNAO’s Best Practice Guidelines as outlined in our contractual obligations to the RNAO. Collaborating with partners, they drive guideline implementation outlined in the RNAO contract and BPSO OHT Work Plan. They also oversee evaluation efforts to assess the impact of BPSO activities. With active participation in meetings and engagement in RNAO events, the committee continuously advances BPG integration, enhancing the quality of care provided.


Each Organizational Partner that signs on to become a Best Practice Spotlight Organization (BPSO) OHT has assigned one representative and one delegate from their organization to participate on the Steering Committee. This is in addition to the selection and identification of BPSO Champions from each organization to participate as required by the RNAO. Other Partners of the S-L Community OHT and Community Providers in our area may also be invited 
to participate on an ad hoc basis.
The committee also includes Patient, Family, Care Partner (PFCP) members who provide guidance and assistance in planning the implementation of best practice guidelines, ensuring that the patient/client perspective is integrated into decision-making processes.
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